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CASTMAN Co., Ltd. is a company specialized in high-quality die casting possessing engineering expertise and technical experience of die casting engineering accumulated over several years.
Our company carries out all processes in die casting ranging from designing and manufacturing of dies, to computer simulation, die casting and post-processing. With the engineering expertise, CASTMAN develops and mass-produces a diverse range of products through die-casting of copper, aluminum and zinc alloys. We believe there can be no growth without customers.

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효성중공업 Copper rotor (구리회전자) 양산 착수

2019년 5월부터 구리회전자 (Copper rotor)를 제작하여 효성중공업에 납품을 시작하였다. 프리미엄급(IE3) 모터에 사용되는 회전자로 한국내에서는 캐스트맨이 유일하게 생산기술과 생산실적을 보유하고 있다 ...
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EGR Mixer 양산 확정

세계 최초 Salt Core 적용 EGR Mixer 다이캐스팅 양산 수주 ...
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동 다이캐스팅 공법 적용 Cooling Plate 양산 착수

Super Computer용 Cooling Plate를 동 다이캐스팅 공법을 적용하여 양산 체계를 수립함. 일본기업인 Kaga electron를 통해 FUJIKURA와 계약을 체결함. 2019년 3월부터 ...
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Super Premium Efficiency (IE4) Achieved!

Super Premium Efficiency (IE4) Achieved!! - Characteristics test of 3-phase induction motor using copper rotors die-cast by Castman - Certification ...
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CASTMAN website has been renewed

Thank you for visiting our company's website ...
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