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Schematic of a hot-chamber machine

Hot Chamber Die Casting Method vs Cold Chamber Die Casting Method

Hot Chamber Die Casting Method vs Cold Chamber Die Casting Method Depending on the project, aluminium casting is carried out through a “hot” or “low” process. Diecasting is one of the most economical and fast molding processes. The advantage of this production process is that hundreds of thousands of castings can be produced relatively quickly

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FLOW-3D Courtesy Littler Diecasting Corporation, (www.flow3d.co.kr)

CFD for die casting processes

Computer simulation techniques for die casting processes Die casting is the go-to manufacturing technology for mass-produced, lightweight components made from metal, predominantly Aluminum and Magnesium alloys. Most of the high pressure die casted parts are manufactured for the automotive industry but consumer electronics are also making use of this technology. High Pressure Die Casting (HPDC)

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CASTMAN Tenical Glossary | 캐스트맨 보유기술

Product Design Technology for Die Casting The die-casting process is a very good way to manufacture large amounts of non-ferrous metal parts. This manufacturing process produces parts by injecting molten metal into the die at high pressure and high speed. This process makes very complex parts cost-effective and effective. This process can create parts that vary greatly in

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Method of producing salt cores for use in die casting

Sand casting and semi-permanent mold casting are generally more complex than die casting, and the design function must be compatible with the opening and closing of the die in the horizontal direction. If you’re using CASTMAN’s salt core, you don’t have to.The core is made by die casting, these die casting salt cores are placed

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Salt Core

For the past 12 years, CASTMAN has been introducing outstanding die-casting products through leading activities in the die-casting industry, and continuously contributing to the manufacturing industry. High pressure die casting is often an excellent process for quickly manufacturing many parts and has a high level of engineering skills. With CASTMAN’s high pressure die casting, you can quickly produce complex

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