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Volumetric distribution of porosities in a 3D reconstructed CT image at 60% transparency.

Detection of Porosity in Impregnated Die-Cast Aluminum Alloy Piece by Metallography and Computer Tomography

by  Mihály Réger 1, József Gáti 1, Ferenc Oláh 1,2, Richárd Horváth 1,*, Enikő Réka Fábián 1 and Tamás Bubonyi 3 1Bánki Donát Faculty of Mechanical and Safety Engineering, University of Óbuda, H-1081 Budapest, Hungary 2Doctoral School on Materials Sciences and Technologies, University of Óbuda, H-1081 Budapest, Hungary 3Institute of Metal Formation and Nanotechnology, University of Miskolc, H-3515 Miskolc, Hungary *Author to

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견적이 필요하신가요?

제품 개발 및 생산에 대한 견적을 위해서는 IGS, DWG, STEP 파일 등으로 도면이 필요합니다. 도면이 없는 경우에는 샘플도 가능합니다. 캐스트맨에서 해당 도면을 검토하고, 제품 생산에 대한 견적을 제공할 수 있습니다. 제품 샘플이나 도면이 준비가 안된 경우에는 언제든지 전화로 연락을 주시거나 메일로 연락 주시면 최적 생산 방안에 대해 상담을 할 수 있습니다. 또한, 우리는 고객의 의뢰

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Figure 1. High pressure die-casting [1].

An Industrial Perspective on Magnesium Alloy Wheels: A Process and Material Design

An Industrial Perspective on Magnesium Alloy Wheels: A Process and Material Design Miaomiao Wang1,21China Copper Institute of Engineering and Technology, Beijing, China.2Kunming Metallurgical Research Institute Co., Ltd. Beijing Branch, Beijing, China.DOI: 10.4236/msa.2023.141002PDFHTML XML18 Downloads   134 Views Abstract Light weights wheels improve vehicle performance with respect to road handling, cornering as well providing fuel economy and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. Aluminum

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Figure 9- Left: Schematics of a conventional HPDC cold chamber machine [14]; Right: Typical layout of a component produced by a cold chamber machine [15].

High Pressure Die Casting of Zamak Alloys

Steven Richard Pires de OliveiraDissertação de MestradoOrientador na FEUP: Prof. Doutor Rui Jorge de Lemos NetoOrientador no INEGI: Doutora Inês Vieira de Oliveira Abstract The high pressure die casting process has undergone major advances in recent years, due to its increasing use in the automotive sector. Although aluminum alloys are the most widely used, the

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