Started mass production of Hyosung Heavy Industries' COPPER ROTOR | 暁星重工業COPPER ROTOR(銅回転子)量産に着手 | 효성중공업 COPPER ROTOR (구리회전자) 양산 착수

Started mass production of Hyosung Heavy Industries' COPPER ROTOR (Copper rotor) From May 2019, the company started producing copper rotors and supplying them to Hyosung Heavy Industries. It is a rotor used for premium class (IE3) motors, and CASTMAN is the only company in Korea to have production technology and production results.

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Started mass production of EGR Mixer using the salt method | ソルト工法を用いたEGR Mixer量産に着手 | 솔트 공법을 이용한 EGR Mixer 양산 착수

CASTMAN started mass production of EGR Mixer die casting using the salt core method for the first time in the world based on its excellent technology.

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Started mass production of COOLING PLATE applying copper die casting method | 銅ダイカスト工法を適用COOLING PLATE量産に着手 | 동 다이캐스팅 공법 적용 COOLING PLATE 양산 착수

Started mass production of COOLING PLATE applying copper die casting method Started mass production of cooling plate using copper die casting method Built-in mass production system by applying copper die casting method for cooling plate for super computer Signed a contract with Japanese company Kaga electron with FUJIKURA. Mass production began in March 2019.

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“High-quality die casting : Copper Roter / Salt Core Diecasting / Copper, Brass, Aluminum Parts.”

CASTMAN Co., Ltd. is a company specialized in high-quality die casting possessing engineering expertise and technical experience of die casting engineering accumulated over several years.
Our company carries out all processes in die casting ranging from designing and manufacturing of dies, to computer simulation, die casting and post-processing. With the engineering expertise, CASTMAN develops and mass-produces a diverse range of products through die-casting of copper, aluminum and zinc alloys. We believe there can be no growth without customers.

CASTMAN’s Products

Salt Core Diecasting / Copper Roter / Copper, Brass, Aluminum Parts

CASTMAN Main Products
CASTMAN Main Products

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Figure 15. R-HPDC automobile shock absorber part.

R-HPDC Process with Forced Convection Mixing Device for Automotive Part of A380 Aluminum Alloy

by Bing Zhou,Yonglin Kang *,Mingfan Qi,Huanhuan Zhang andGuoming ZhuSchool of Materials Science and Engineering, University of Science and Technology Beijing, Beijing 100083, China*Author ...
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서른살 된 장영실賞 장수기업 보증수표

서른살 된 장영실賞…장수기업 보증수표

30-year-old Jang Young-sil Award Longevity Enterprise Guarantee Check 수상 기업 생존력 타기업의 2배10곳중 6곳 20년이상 기업유지 이새봄, 이종화, 한재범 기자입력 ...
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Fig. 1. a) Pin holes observed in the top side casting; b) Blow holes observed in tapped holes; c) Porosity is observed in top side of the casting.

Numerical and experimental approach to eliminate defects in al alloy pump- crank case processed through gravity die casting route

S.AravindP.RagupathiG.VigneshDepartment of Mechanical Engineering, Karpagam Academy of Higher Education, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu 641 021, India Received 30 June 2020, Accepted ...
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Spatial point pattern methodology for the study of pores 3D patterning in two casting aluminium alloys

Spatial point pattern methodology for the study of pores 3D patterning in two casting aluminium alloys

DrissEl KhoukhiabcNicolasSaintierbFranckMorelaDanielBellettaPierreOsmondcViet-DucLeaaLAMPA, Arts et Métiers Institute of Technology, Angers, 49 035 Cedex, FrancebI2M, Arts et Métiers Institute of Technology, Talence, ...
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Figure 1. Sketches of selected specimens for microstructure observation.

Crack Initiation Mechanism in Casting AC4B Aluminum Alloy Parts with Complex Structure

by Daliang Yu 1,Wen Yang 2,Wanqing Deng 2,Songzhu Zhu 2,Qingwei Dai 1,3,* andDingfei Zhang 31School of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering, ...
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Fig. 1 Schematic diagram of a typical stir casting apparatus for the production of MMCs. Reproduced from Kok, M., 2005. Production and mechanical properties of Al2O3 particle-reinforced 2024 aluminium alloy composites. Journal of Materials Processing Technology 161, 381–387.

Casting Routes for Production of Metallic Based Composite Parts

R Palanivel, Shaqra University, Riyadh, Saudi ArabiaI Dinaharan, Tsinghua University, Beijing, ChinaRF Laubscher, University of Johannesburg, Johannesburg, South Africa 금속 ...
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Casting defects and microstructure distribution characteristics of aluminum alloy cylinder head-gr1

Casting defects and microstructure distribution characteristics of aluminum alloy cylinder head with complex structure

YuanLia, JinxiangLiua, QiangZhangb, WeiqingHuangaa School of Mechanical Engineering, Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing 100081, Chinab Liaoshen Industries Group Co. Ltd, ...
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Figure 1. Schematic diagram of (a) the preparation of 4 wt%TiB2/Al-9Si-3Cu-0.8Zn composite; (b) HPDC mold; (c)HPDC casting.

Microstructures and mechanical properties of 4 wt%TiB2/Al-Si-Cu-Zn (T6) composite thin-walled shell housing fabricated by high pressure die casting

Shuaiying Xi1, Guodong Ma1, Lu Li1,2, Yuanbo Zhang1, Xiangyang Yu1, Yongkun Li3 and Rongfeng Zhou1,2 Published 24 March 2021 • © 2021 ...
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Fig. 7. Cost and mass scaling for the motor subsystems to estimate motor costs for the AHSS and Al lightweight design.

Improvements in electric vehicle battery technology influence vehicle lightweighting and material substitution decisions

Joshua Thomas JamesonBurda, Elizabeth A.Moorea, HeshamEzzatbRandolphKirchainaRichardRothaa Materials Systems Laboratory, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 77 Massachusetts Ave, E19-695, Cambridge, MA 02139, ...
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Fig. 1. Aluminium Die Cast Parts.

Automobile Parts Casting-Methods and Materials Used: A Review

Madhav Goenkaa, Chico Nihala, Rahul Ramanathana, Pratyaksh Guptaa, Aman Parashara, Joel Jb*aB.Tech Mechanical Engineering,Vellore Institute of Technology, Katpadi,Vellore, TamilNadu, India ...
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Figure 6. The pressure field at the times of impact and immediately afterwards

On the CFD Modelling of Slamming of the Metal Melt in High-Pressure Die Casting Involving Lost Cores

by Sebastian Kohlstädt 1,2,Michael Vynnycky 1,3,* andStephan Goeke 41Division of Processes, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Brinellvägen 23, 100 ...
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Fig. 1. (a) Die-casting mold cooling channel with cooler; (b) Schematic illustration of explosive bonding (expansion) and Cu inserted die-casting cooling channels via explosive working.

Enhanced cooling channel efficiency of high-pressure die-casting molds with pure copper linings in cooling channels via explosive bonding

Sang-SooShina, Sang-KeeLeeb, Dae-KyeomKimc, BinLeecaR&D Center, Oh-Sung Tech Co. Ltd., Siheung, 15112, Republic of KoreabDepartment of Advanced Material Application, Daegu Campus ...
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Fig. 2. Photographs of the four different parts formed by FCS Rheo-HPDC technology

A forced convection stirring process for Rheo-HPDC aluminum and magnesium alloys

Mingfan Qi a,∗, Yonglin Kanga, Bing Zhoua, Wanneng Liaoa, Guoming Zhua, Yangde Li b,Weirong Li ba School of Materials Science ...
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Figure 1.Base shell configuration of notebook computer.

Die-Casting Parameter Sizing for AZ91D in Notebook Computer Base Shell

Yung-Kuang Yang and Chorng-Jyh Tzeng Keywords: ANOVA, AZ91D, Die-casting, Taguchi method, Stress–strain. Introduction Magnesium and its alloys are becoming increasingly ...
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Fig. 1.Schematic of wire feeding in a melting line.

Evaluation on the Efficiency of Cored Wire Feeding in Addition of Alloying Elements into Cu Melt

Bok-Hyun Kang*, Ki-Young KimKorea University of Technology and Education 코어드 와이어 피딩에 의한 Cu 용탕에의 합금 첨가 시 효율 평가 ...
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