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7. Appearance of texturized surfaces: (a) stochastic and (b) regular arrangemen

Research on the Tribological Properties of a New Generation ofMulti-Layer Nanostructured PVD Coatings for Increasing theTechnological Lifetime of Moulds

Janette Brezinová1,* , Miroslav Džupon 2, Viktor Puchý2, Jakub Brezina 3, Pavlo Maruschak 4,Anna Guzanová3, Lýdia Sobotová5 and Miroslav Badida 5 Abstract This paper presents the results of research focused on increasing the lifespan of HPDCmoulds for casting aluminium alloys by applying duplex PVD coatings in combination with lasertexturing the base material before the coatings’

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Figure 1. Diagrammatic representation of a squirrel-cage induction motor.

Thermal Analysis and Cooling Strategies of High-Efficiency Three-Phase Squirrel-Cage Induction Motors—A Review

by Yashwanth Reddy Konda 1, Vamsi Krishna Ponnaganti 2, Peram Venkata Sivarami Reddy 3,R. Raja Singh 4, Paolo Mercorelli 5,*, Edison Gundabattini 6,* and Darius Gnanaraj Solomon 7 Abstract In recent times, there has been an increased demand for electric vehicles. In this context, the energy management of the electric motor, which are an important constituent of electric vehicles, plays a pivotal role. A

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Analytical study of optimization of the cost of a highpressure die casting(HPDC) die

Analytical study of optimization of the cost of a high-pressure die casting(HPDC) die

Satyam Singh; Manish Dixit; Vikash Dwivedi Abstracts High pressure die casting (HPDC) is particularly suitable for high production rate and it is applied in various industry actually approximately 50 % of the world production of Low weight metal casting age find out by this technology. In this paper, the process to determine the estimated cost

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Fig.No. 2 Copper Die Cast Rotor


ABSTRACTInduction Motors are most widely used Electric Motors best suitable for industrial applications as well as lowpower applications in daily used domestic equipment’s because of their unique advantage compared to other types of motors like DC and Synchronous Motors. Electric Motors do not transfer 100% of the input Electrical power into kinetic Mechanical Power. Some

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Kaolinite and SiO2 ink coating fracture surface EDS & SEM images.

Energy efficiency of smelting of scrap aluminium in HPDC facilities

So-Yeon Yoo1,2, Ahrom Ryu1,2, Min-Seok Jeon3, Dongkyun Kim4, Kiwon Hong4, Sahn Nahm2, and Ji-Won Choi1,5,+ Abstract The aluminium industry is anticipated to witness a surge in demand, with projections of a two to three-fold increase by 2050. Meeting environmental objectives and addressing the growing emphasis on sustainability from both the industry and consumers seeking eco-friendly

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Figure 8(a) Inverse pole figure maps for halite grains with large Kristallbrocken grains labelled 1–5. (b) Pole figures of fine-grained matrix halite excluding five Kristallbrocken grains show no significant crystallographic preferred orientation (CPO). (c) Kernel average misorientation (KAM) map overlaid with white low- and high-angle grain boundaries (misorientation >5∘). KAM map was calculated over a distance of 40 µm (second neighbour) with a threshold of 3∘ in order to enhance the small-angle subgrain boundaries. KAM shows subgrain-free matrix halite with few exceptions in large matrix halite grains, Kristallbrocken 1 and 5 with subgrains, and subgrains in boudin necks of Kristallbrocken 3 and 4. (d) Cumulative reference orientation deviation map over the areas of Kristallbrocken 3 and 4, based on more highly resolved EBSD measurements. Reference points for each of the two grains are indicated. Panels (a) and (b) consist of 30 individual measurements, which due to image distortion under 70∘ tilt cannot be stitched perfectly. Therefore, in some cases an artificial separation of areas belonging to the same grain is visible

Large grain-size-dependent rheology contrasts of halite at low differential stress: evidence from microstructural study of naturally deformed gneissic Zechstein 2 rock salt (Kristallbrockensalz) from the northern Netherlands

Jessica Barabasch,Joyce Schmatz,Jop Klaver,Alexander Schwedt,and Janos L. Urai Abstract Constitutive laws to predict long-term deformation of solution-mined caverns and radioactive-waste repositories in rock salt play an important role in the energy transition. Much of this deformation is at differential stresses of a few megapascals, while the vast majority of laboratory measurements are at much higher differential

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Figure 1. High pressure die-casting [1].

An Industrial Perspective on Magnesium Alloy Wheels: A Process and Material Design

An Industrial Perspective on Magnesium Alloy Wheels: A Process and Material Design Miaomiao Wang1,21China Copper Institute of Engineering and Technology, Beijing, China.2Kunming Metallurgical Research Institute Co., Ltd. Beijing Branch, Beijing, China.DOI: 10.4236/msa.2023.141002PDFHTML XML18 Downloads   134 Views Abstract Light weights wheels improve vehicle performance with respect to road handling, cornering as well providing fuel economy and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. Aluminum

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A heuristic approach to meet geometric tolerance in High Pressure Die Casting

A heuristic approach to meet geometric tolerance in High Pressure Die Casting

G.CampatelliA.Scippa Abstract In High Pressure Die Casting (HPDC), geometrical distortions usually happen during the cooling phase, due to the reduced cooling time and the high thermal gradient inside the product itself. This phenomenon affects most the thin walled products. The usual die design practice considers only the linear shrinking of the product during the cooling as a consequence of

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Figure 2. Look-up-tables for basic motor characteristics.

Automotive Lightweight Design: Simulation Modeling of Mass-Related Consumption for Electric Vehicles

by Francesco Del Pero *,Lorenzo Berzi,Andrea Antonacci andMassimo DeloguDepartment of Industrial Engineering, University of Florence, Via di S. Marta 3, 50139 Florence, Italy*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.Machines2020, 8(3), 51; https://doi.org/10.3390/machines8030051Received: 14 August 2020 / Revised: 30 August 2020 / Accepted: 31 August 2020 / Published: 3 September 2020 Abstract A thorough assessment of Life-Cycle effects involved by vehicle lightweighting needs a rigorous evaluation of

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Figure 7. The velocity magnitude field at the times of impact and immediately afterwards: (a) t⋅UR = 0.2; (b) t⋅UR = 0.205; (c) t⋅UR = 0.21. Here, U=Uin with Uin = 20 ms−1.

On the CFD Modelling of Slamming of the Metal Melt in High-Pressure Die Casting Involving Lost Cores

by Sebastian Kohlstädt 1,2,Michael Vynnycky 1,3,* andStephan Goeke 41Division of Processes, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Brinellvägen 23, 100 44 Stockholm, Sweden2Volkswagen AG—Division of Components Manufacturing, Dr. Rudolf-Leiding-Platz 1, 34225 Baunatal, Germany3Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Limerick, Limerick V94 T9PX, Ireland4Institute of Mechanics, Kassel University, Mönchebergstr. 7, 34125 Kassel, Germany*Author to whom

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