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Figure 13. Pouring process to assembled mould


ABSTRACT This thesis describes, in a manufacturing context, the development of new waterbased core technology for light alloys. Cores used for steel casting are made from fused silica and are removed using hot sodium hydroxide under refluxing (pressurising hot acids). However, aluminium and other light alloys are attacked by sodium hydroxide. Currently there is no

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Figures Thermal and corrosion properties of silicon nitride for copper die casting components

Thermal and corrosion properties of silicon nitride for copper die casting components

IyasKhaderab AlexanderRenzb AndreasKailerb DanielHaascaDepartment of Industrial Engineering, German Jordanian University, P.O. Box 35247, 11180 Amman, JordanbFraunhofer Institute for Mechanics of Materials IWM, Woehlerstr. 11, 79108 Freiburg, GermanycFCT Ingenieurkeramik GmbH, Gewerbepark 11, 96528 Frankenblick, Germany Abstract Due to the high melting temperature of copper and copper alloys, conventional die-steel components used in pressure die casting these

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Sustainable casting processes through simulation-driven optimization Fig1

Sustainable casting processes through simulation-driven optimization

Michail Papanikolaou, Prateek SaxenaSustainable Manufacturing Systems Centre, Manufacturing Theme, Cranfield University, Cranfield, United Kingdom Available online 1 April 2021. Abstract Since the 1980s, the evolution of the computing power as well as the advances in numerical modeling techniques have allowed for the development of accurate casting simulation solutions. Although casting processes involve a series of

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Experimental and simulation analysis on multi-gate variants in sand casting process Fig1

Experimental and simulation analysis on multi-gate variants in sand casting process

I.Rajkumara N.Rajinia A.Alavudeena T.Ram Prabhub S.O.Ismailc FaruqMohammadd Hamad A.Al-Lohedand a Department of Mechanical Engineering, International Research Centre, Kalasalingam Academy of Research and Education, Krishnankoil 626126, Tamilnadu, Indiab CEMILAC, Defence R&D Organization, Bangalore, 37, Indiac Centre for Engineering Research, Department of Engineering, School of Physics, Engineering and Computer Science, University of Hertfordshire, AL10 9AB, England, UKd

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서른살 된 장영실賞 장수기업 보증수표

서른살 된 장영실賞…장수기업 보증수표 – IR 52 ( Jang Young-shil Award )

30-year-old Jang Young-sil Award Longevity Enterprise Guarantee Check 수상 기업 생존력 타기업의 2배10곳중 6곳 20년이상 기업유지 이새봄, 이종화, 한재범 기자 입력 : 2021.06.21 17:51:47   수정 : 2021.06.21 22:50:50 서른살 된 장영실賞…장수기업 보증수표 – 매일경제 (mk.co.kr) ◆ 장영실상 30주년 ① ◆ 한국 중소기업들 평균 업력은 11.2년이다. 총 140만개에 달하는 한국 중소기업 중 기업활동을 20년 이상 이어나가는 곳은

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Fig. 1. a) Pin holes observed in the top side casting; b) Blow holes observed in tapped holes; c) Porosity is observed in top side of the casting.

Numerical and experimental approach to eliminate defects in al alloy pump- crank case processed through gravity die casting route

S.AravindP.RagupathiG.VigneshDepartment of Mechanical Engineering, Karpagam Academy of Higher Education, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu 641 021, India Received 30 June 2020, Accepted 14 July 2020, Available online 14 August 2020. Abstract A numerical investigation was carried out with the help of computer based casting simulation software to eliminate defects such as shrinkage due to solidification, cracks, imperfect

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Figure 3: Experimentation setup: vertical die casting machine of the capacity of 100 Tons (Industrial caseCGL)

Analysis and Optimisation of High Pressure Die Casting Parameters to Achieve Six Sigma Quality Product Using Numerical Simulation Approach

Suraj R. Marathe Assam Don Bosco University, Carmo E. Quadros Assam Don Bosco UniversityDate Written: February 13, 2021 Abstract A numerical simulation approach is proposed to predict the optimal parameter setting during high pressure die casting. The contribution from the optimal parameters, the temperature, showed more influence on the casting quality than the other parameters.

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Figure 1. Sketches of selected specimens for microstructure observation.

Crack Initiation Mechanism in Casting AC4B Aluminum Alloy Parts with Complex Structure

by Daliang Yu 1,Wen Yang 2,Wanqing Deng 2,Songzhu Zhu 2,Qingwei Dai 1,3,* andDingfei Zhang 31School of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering, Chongqing University of Science and Technology, Chongqing 401331, China2Chongqing Zhicheng Machinery Co., LTD, Chongqing 400039, China3College of Materials Science and Engineering, Chongqing University, Chongqing 400045, China*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.Metals2021, 11(1), 97; https://doi.org/10.3390/met11010097Received: 27 November 2020 / Revised: 25 December 2020 / Accepted:

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Fig. 7. Cost and mass scaling for the motor subsystems to estimate motor costs for the AHSS and Al lightweight design.

Improvements in electric vehicle battery technology influence vehicle lightweighting and material substitution decisions

Joshua Thomas JamesonBurda, Elizabeth A.Moorea, HeshamEzzatbRandolphKirchainaRichardRothaa Materials Systems Laboratory, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 77 Massachusetts Ave, E19-695, Cambridge, MA 02139, United Statesb WorldAuto Steel/American Iron and Steel Institute, 2000 Town Center, Suite 320, Southfield, MI 48075, United States Highlights Global demand for and adoption of battery electric vehicles is on the rise. To achieve increased

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Fig. 3. Dies of the example structures used in gravity casting.

Approach on simulation of solidification and shrinkage of gravity cast salt cores

AndreasSchillingaKaiSalscheideraHenrikRuschebHrvojeJasakbMartinFehlbieraSebastianKohlstädtcaUniversity of Kassel, Department of Foundry Technology, Kurt-Wolters-Str. 3, 34125 Kassel, GermanybWikki GmbH, Ziegelbergsweg 68, 38855 Wernigerode, GermanycVolkswagen AG, Division of components manufacturing – Business Unit Casting Dr. Rudolf-Leiding-Platz 1, 34225 Baunatal, Germany Abstract In this work, a toolchain for the solidification and the shrinkage of cast salt cores used in high-pressure die casting is

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