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CASTMAN’s Products “High-quality die casting : Copper Roter / Salt Core Diecasting / Copper, Brass, Aluminum Parts.” キャストマン株式会社は、数年にわたり蓄積されたダイカストエンジニアリングの技術とエンジニアリングの専門知識を有する企業です。 当社は、金型の設計および製造からコンピュータシミュレーション、ダイカスト、後処理まで、ダイカスト全般のプロセスを実施しています。エンジニアリングの専門知識を活かし、キャストマンは銅、アルミニウム、亜鉛合金のダイカストにより多様な製品の開発と量産を行っています。お客様がいらっしゃらなければ、成長はあり得ません。 キャストマン株式会社では、長年にわたるダイカストエンジニアリングのノウハウと技術スキルにより、金型の設計および製造からコンピュータシミュレーション、ダイカスト、後処理までのすべてのプロセスを精密に、専門的に、そして品質高く対応できることをお約束いたします。これにより、銅、アルミニウム、亜鉛合金を使用して幅広い製品を開発および量産することができます。 Thanks. Salt Core Diecasting / Copper Roter / Copper, Brass, Aluminum Parts News & Notify, Technical Resource

Figure 4 Six phase Induction Motor and Copper die casting Rotor

Design and performance analysis of novel multiphase induction motor with die-cast copper rotors using FEA for electric propulsion vehicles applications

Sathishkumar Kaliyavarathan, Sivakumaran T.S. Circuit World ISSN: 0305-6120 Article publication date: 6 April 2020  Issue publication date: 7 October 2020 Abstract Purpose The purpose of this paper is to study the development of novel multiphase induction motor (MPIM) with copper die cast rotor in the drive system of electric propulsion vehicles (EPV). It is estimated that the manufacturers are

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Fig. 1 – Exploded view of typical induction motor. The die cast aluminum end ring with cast fan blades is visible on the rotor. The mulitple conductor bars connecting the end rings are contained within the iron laminations.

Materials & Modifications to Die Cast the Copper Conductors of the Induction Motor Rotor

John G. CowieCopper Development Associations Inc.New York, NY Dale T. PetersConsultant to CDA Inc.Hilton Head Island, SC Edwin F. Brush, Jr.Consultant to CDA Inc.Weston, MA Stephen P. MidsonFormcast, Inc.Denver, CO Articles on materials appearing in materials issues have generally focused on the common aluminum-, zinc- and magnesium-based die casting alloys. This report differs in that

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Fig. 1. Influence of different gate positions on the fill process

Experience in China on the Die-Casting of Copper Rotors for Induction Motors

Daniel Liang, Xu Yang, Jiabin Yu, Victor Zhou Abstract This paper introduces the recent technological progress in China on the manufacture of die cast Copper Motor Rotors (CMR) for induction motors. This manufacturing process provides a simple and practical means for large-scale economical production of high-efficiency induction motors. Rotor die casting obstacles/solutions are presented along

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Fig. 3 Prototype and thermal-fluid analysis

Analysis of high speed induction motor for spindle made by copper die casting process

Do-Kwan Hong,  Jae-Hak Choi,  Pil-Wan Han,  Yon-Do Chun,  Byung-Chul Woo &  Dae-Hyun Koo  International Journal of Precision Engineering and Manufacturing volume 13, pages2251–2257 (2012)Cite this article Abstract This paper deals with the analysis techniques of a high speed and high efficiency 10 kW, 30,000 rpm rated induction motor. The induction motor has been analyzed by time-varying magnetic finite element

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Fig. 1 Prototype and rotor for copper die casting

Unbalance Response Analysis of Copper Die Casting High Speed Induction Motor

동 다이캐스팅 고속 유도전동기의 불평형 응답 해석 Abstract This paper deals with a copper die casting induction motor which has several advantages of motor performance. The developed motor is used as spindle motor in machining center. The dynamic characteristic analysis of rotor is dealt with for precision machining. The critical speed of rotor considering rotation

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Figures Thermal and corrosion properties of silicon nitride for copper die casting components

Thermal and corrosion properties of silicon nitride for copper die casting components

IyasKhaderab AlexanderRenzb AndreasKailerb DanielHaascaDepartment of Industrial Engineering, German Jordanian University, P.O. Box 35247, 11180 Amman, JordanbFraunhofer Institute for Mechanics of Materials IWM, Woehlerstr. 11, 79108 Freiburg, GermanycFCT Ingenieurkeramik GmbH, Gewerbepark 11, 96528 Frankenblick, Germany Abstract Due to the high melting temperature of copper and copper alloys, conventional die-steel components used in pressure die casting these

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Fig. 6 Distribution of temperature (the same Pouring Velocity) (a) L2; (b) L6; (c) L10; (d) L14

Numerical Simulation on Filling Optimization of Copper Rotor for High Efficient Electric Motors in Die Casting Process

Ya’nan Wu1, a, Guojie Huang1, b, Lei Cheng1,c, Daniel Liang2,d, Wei Xiao1,e1State Key Laboratory of Nonferrous Metals and Processes, General Research Institute forNonferrous Metals, Beijing 100088, China2Motor System,International Copper Association Asia, Tian Zuo International Center,Beijing 100081, Chinaaynwu19@163.com, bhuangguojie@grinm.com, cchenglei@grinm.com,dDaniel.liang@copperalliance.asia, ewxiao@ustb.edu.cn Keywords: Numerical Simulation, Copper Rotors, FLOW-3D, Die Casting. Abstract The parametric optimization of process parameter

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castman copper roter newspaper news

Started mass production of Hyosung Heavy Industries’ COPPER ROTOR | 효성중공업 COPPER ROTOR (구리회전자) 양산 착수

Started mass production of Hyosung Heavy Industries’ COPPER ROTOR (Copper rotor) From May 2019, the company started producing copper rotors and supplying them to Hyosung Heavy Industries. It is a rotor used for premium class (IE3) motors, and Castman is the only company in Korea to have production technology and production results.  효율등급 두 단계

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