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Fig. 13 – Cross-section of rotor for 3-phase motor showing copper filling the conductor bar shots. Fig. 14 – A part produced in three copper alloys by die casting SSM-processed billet.

Use Of High Temperature Die Material Hot Dies For High Pressure Die Casting Pure Copper Copper Alloys

D. T. PetersCopper Development Association Inc.Hilton Head Island, SCJ. G. CowieCopper Development Association Inc.New York, NYE. F. Brush, Jr.Copper Development Association Inc.Weston, MAS. P. MidsonCopper Development Association Inc.Denver, CO Presented by: North American Die Casitng Association Abstract Little use has been made of pressure die casting for the manufacture of copper or copper alloy parts

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Fig. 1. The European classification scheme and the efficiency of investigated motors with aluminum rotors

Design of High Efficiency Induction Motors with Die-Casting Copper Rotors

고효율 유도 전동기 설계 다이캐스팅 구리 로터 Francesco Parasiliti, Marco VillaniDepartment ofElectric Engineering, University ofL’Aquila, 67040 L’Aquila, Italy Abstract The paper deals with the use of copper cage in three-phase low voltage induction motors and gives a design guideline to optimize their efficiency, according to the new European classification scheme. An accurate motor design allows

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Figure 5 - Photographs of Sectioned End Rings from Copper Rotors Typical of Baseline Casting Conditions.

Porosity Control in Copper Rotor Die Castings

Porosity Control in Copper Rotor Die CastingsE. F. Brush, Jr., S. P. Midson, W. G. Walkington, D. T. Peters and J. G. Cowie Abstract This paper reports on the results of an investigation to minimize and control the distributionof porosity in edge-gated copper rotor die castings. A Flow 3-D computer modelingexercise was used to simulate

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Fig. 6 Distribution of temperature (the same Pouring Velocity) (a) L2; (b) L6; (c) L10; (d) L14

Numerical Simulation on Filling Optimization of Copper Rotor for High Efficient Electric Motors in Die Casting Process

Ya’nan Wu1, a, Guojie Huang1, b, Lei Cheng1,c, Daniel Liang2,d, Wei Xiao1,e1State Key Laboratory of Nonferrous Metals and Processes, General Research Institute forNonferrous Metals, Beijing 100088, China2Motor System,International Copper Association Asia, Tian Zuo International Center,Beijing 100081, Chinaaynwu19@163.com, bhuangguojie@grinm.com, cchenglei@grinm.com,dDaniel.liang@copperalliance.asia, ewxiao@ustb.edu.cn Keywords: Numerical Simulation, Copper Rotors, FLOW-3D, Die Casting. Abstract The parametric optimization of process parameter

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Trapped air bubbles of Copper Rotor Conductor Bars

Trapped air bubbles Control in Copper Rotor Die Castings | 구리 로터 다이캐스팅의 다공성 제어

As is well known, high-pressure die casting is the most economical process for producing a wide variety of complex parts, as it can achieve high production rates, final shape through the small amount of processing required, excellent surface finish and properties suitable for various applications. This advantage is very important for producing squirrel cage rotor

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castman copper roter newspaper news

Started mass production of Hyosung Heavy Industries’ COPPER ROTOR | 효성중공업 COPPER ROTOR (구리회전자) 양산 착수

Started mass production of Hyosung Heavy Industries’ COPPER ROTOR (Copper rotor) From May 2019, the company started producing copper rotors and supplying them to Hyosung Heavy Industries. It is a rotor used for premium class (IE3) motors, and Castman is the only company in Korea to have production technology and production results.  효율등급 두 단계

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Air-conditioner Compressor 0.75kW


지난 12 년 동안 캐스트맨은 다이캐스팅 업계의 선도적인 활동을 통해 뛰어난 다이캐스팅 제품을 소개하고 있으며, 제조 산업에 지속적으로 기여하고 있습니다. 고압 다이캐스팅은 종종 많은 부품을 신속하게 제조하는데 최적화된 매우 탁월한 공정이며, 캐스트맨은 높은 수준의 엔지니어링 기술을 보유하고 있습니다. CASTMAN의 고압 다이캐스팅을 사용하면 엄격하게 관리되는 프로세스를 통해 복잡한 어떠한 형상 부품도 신속하게 생산할 수 있습니다. Copper

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CASTMAN always considers how we can do better in every way. Innovation is the standard we work with as we develop advanced tools and technologies to advance the industry. This offers several important benefits. Products can be further improved while shortening lead times and reducing costs.We have the technology to develop and deliver higher strength

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Copper Rotor Technology

COPPER ROTOR General cpmpany examples #1 General cpmpany examples #2 General cpmpany examples #3 CASTMAN’s Copper Rotor #1 CASTMAN’s Copper Rotor #2 CASTMAN’s Copper Rotor #3 Comparison of motor characteristic DESCRIPTION ALUMINUM ROTOR MOTOR COPPER ROTOR MOTOR COMPARISON OFSAME POWER(AL->CU) EFFICIENCY (%) Same Efficiency Same Efficiency TORQUE (N·M) 4~5 60% higher than Aluminum CONDUCTIVITY (%IACS)

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Power : 3kW Use : High-speed Spindle Motor Size : Ø38x72mm

Copper Die casting

CASTMAN has been introducing outstanding die-casting products through leading activities in the die-casting industry, and continuously contributing to the manufacturing industry. High pressure die casting is often an excellent process for quickly manufacturing many parts and has a high level of engineering skills. With CASTMAN’s high pressure die casting, you can quickly produce complex shaped

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