Research on the Tribological Properties of a New Generation ofMulti-Layer Nanostructured PVD Coatings for Increasing theTechnological Lifetime of Moulds

Janette Brezinová1,* , Miroslav Džupon 2, Viktor Puchý2, Jakub Brezina 3, Pavlo Maruschak 4,Anna Guzanová3, Lýdia Sobotová5 and Miroslav Badida 5


This paper presents the results of research focused on increasing the lifespan of HPDC
moulds for casting aluminium alloys by applying duplex PVD coatings in combination with laser
texturing the base material before the coatings’ deposition. This article describes the HPDC process
and the degradation mechanisms of the moulds that arose during this process. The PVD nanostructured coatings utilised, the methods of their deposition, and the evaluation of their wear resistance
are defined in this paper. The surface texturing process is described alongside the description of the
analysis of the wear of the functional parts of the mould after decommissioning, which was carried
out by visual inspection and optical and light microscopy. Three types of PVD duplex coatings were
analysed during our study. The coatings were deposited using the LARC technology method (lateral
rotating cathode). Subsequently, the procedure of laser texturing in the form of dimple textures using
a laser was proposed. The quality of the coatings was evaluated under tribological conditions by
means of the “Ball on disc” method. Based on the experimental results, recommendations for practice
are established.


high-pressure casting; release agent; PVD coatings; texturing; adhesion; COF


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