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Power : 3kW Use : High-speed Spindle Motor Size : Ø38x72mm

Copper Die casting

CASTMAN has been introducing outstanding die-casting products through leading activities in the die-casting industry, and continuously contributing to the manufacturing industry. High pressure die casting is often an excellent process for quickly manufacturing many parts and has a high level of engineering skills. With CASTMAN’s high pressure die casting, you can quickly produce complex shaped

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Cu products developments

Started mass production of COOLING PLATE applying copper die casting method | 동 다이캐스팅 공법 적용 COOLING PLATE 양산 착수

Started mass production of COOLING PLATE applying copper die casting method Started mass production of cooling plate using copper die casting method Built-in mass production system by applying copper die casting method for cooling plate for super computer Signed a contract with Japanese company Kaga electron with FUJIKURA. Mass production began in March 2019. Super

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Started mass production of EGR Mixer | EGR MIXER 양산 확정

Started mass production of EGR Mixer Castman started mass production of EGR Mixer die casting using the salt core method for the first time in the world based on its excellent technology.  EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation), an exhaust gas recirculation device for automobile engines, is a device introduced to achieve the European diesel engine pollutant

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Copper Die-casting Solutions

Solutions MOLD LIFE POROSITY OPERATION CONDITION TECHNICALISSUE Damage to die due to continuous exposure to thermal stress– Thermal stress due to temperature difference in die and molten metal– Melt temperature : 1,350°C, Die temperature : 2~300°C– Temperature differ– ence of approx. 1,000°CShorter die life span compared to dies for aluminum diecasting Absence of copper die-cas-ting

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CASTMAN’s Products “High-quality die casting : Copper Roter / Salt Core Diecasting / Copper, Brass, Aluminum Parts.” CASTMAN Co., Ltd. is a company specialized in high-quality die casting possessing engineering expertise and technical experience of die casting engineering accumulated over several years.Our company carries out all processes in die casting ranging from designing and manufacturing

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