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다이 캐스팅의 대부분을 차지하는 주요 합금

HPDC in the Automotive Industry

Origin Article : https://www.diecastingdesign.org/blog/advancements-in-die-casting/ HPDC in the Automotive Industry There are several reasons HPDC is a popular method within the automotive industry. For starters, automotive designers quickly realized the potential in HPDC based on its ability to successfully achieve crash and safety-critical application requirements. HPDC also helps the growing interest in overall improved consumption by

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FLOW-3D Courtesy Littler Diecasting Corporation, (www.flow3d.co.kr)

CFD for die casting processes

Computer simulation techniques for die casting processes Die casting is the go-to manufacturing technology for mass-produced, lightweight components made from metal, predominantly Aluminum and Magnesium alloys. Most of the high pressure die casted parts are manufactured for the automotive industry but consumer electronics are also making use of this technology. High Pressure Die Casting (HPDC)

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구배 치수가 있는 구배 원통의 종단 뷰

Die casting Design geometry

Design geometry reference : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Die_casting There are a number of geometric features to be considered when creating a parametric model of a die casting: Draft is the amount of slope or taper given to cores or other parts of the die cavity to allow for easy ejection of the casting from the die. All die cast

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알루미늄 다이캐스팅이란? 알루미늄 다이캐스팅은 다이캐스팅 부품의 한 유형으로 가열된 액체 알루미늄 또는 알루미늄 합금을 다이캐스팅 머신에 장착된 다이에 고압으로 주입하여 제품을 만드는 공정입니다. 금속 알루미늄 및 알루미늄 합금은 유동성 및 가소성이 우수하여 다양하고 복잡한 형태로 만들어 질 수 있으며 더 높은 정확도로 제조 될 수 있습니다. 또한 알루미늄 및 알루미늄 합금은 우수한 열 전도성, 작은 비중

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Trapped air bubbles of Copper Rotor Conductor Bars

Trapped air bubbles Control in Copper Rotor Die Castings | 구리 로터 다이캐스팅의 다공성 제어

As is well known, high-pressure die casting is the most economical process for producing a wide variety of complex parts, as it can achieve high production rates, final shape through the small amount of processing required, excellent surface finish and properties suitable for various applications. This advantage is very important for producing squirrel cage rotor

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CASTMAN Co., Ltd. is a company specialized in high-quality die casting possessing engineering expertise and technical experience of die casting engineering accumulated over several years. Our company carries out all processes in die casting ranging from designing and manufacturing of dies, to computer simulation, die casting and post-processing. With the engineering expertise, CASTMAN develops and

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castman copper roter newspaper news

Started mass production of Hyosung Heavy Industries’ COPPER ROTOR | 효성중공업 COPPER ROTOR (구리회전자) 양산 착수

Started mass production of Hyosung Heavy Industries’ COPPER ROTOR (Copper rotor) From May 2019, the company started producing copper rotors and supplying them to Hyosung Heavy Industries. It is a rotor used for premium class (IE3) motors, and Castman is the only company in Korea to have production technology and production results.  효율등급 두 단계

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HPDC Oxides Simulation | FLOW-3D CAST

High Pressure Die Casting

CASTMAN reflects the high-pressure die casting suitability review simulation using FLOW-3D, which is recognized for its accuracy worldwide, through the innovation of STICND. FLOW-3D CAST is an intuitive program designed to successfully model high pressure die casting applications. Full control of shot sleeve motion combined with advanced die thermal control, mechanical parameter modeling, and accurate

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