Technical Resource for Copper Die Casting

Figure 1. Schematics explaining the vehicle Life Cycle Assessment that encompasses all phases of the product cycle, from raw material extraction to end-of-life recycling and disposal.

Current Trends in Automotive Lightweighting Strategies and Materials

settingsOpen AccessReview Current Trends in Automotive Lightweighting Strategies and Materials by Frank CzerwinskiCanmetMATERIALS, Natural Resources Canada, Hamilton, ON L8P 0A5, ...
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Directional Heat Flux

Design and Material Optimization of Cooling Fins in Electric Motors

Dr. C. Ramesh, A. Subbiah, K. Sivakumar, T. Sri Gokul Abstract This project is about a comparative study of different ...
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Fig. 1 Induction motor noise measurement setup

IE4-class 2.2-kW Induction Motor Design and Performance Evaluation

Myeong Jin Koa, Sung-Ho Leea, Soon Sub Parka* ABSTRACT In this study, a 2.2 kW super-premium (IE4) class 4-pole three-phase ...
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Figure 4 Six phase Induction Motor and Copper die casting Rotor

Design and performance analysis of novel multiphase induction motor with die-cast copper rotors using FEA for electric propulsion vehicles applications

Sathishkumar Kaliyavarathan, Sivakumaran T.S. Circuit World ISSN: 0305-6120 Article publication date: 6 April 2020 Issue publication date: 7 October 2020 ...
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Fig1. Efficiency of different type of electric motors

Research on High-efficient Remanufacturing Technologies and Application of Electric Motor

Ren Liu1,2, Yuejin Zhao1, Xu Yang3 and Gen Wang4 Published under licence by IOP Publishing Ltd Abstract The energy conservation ...
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Fig. 10. 18kW IM photograph for EV: (a) Rotor core sheet; (b) Cast copper rotor; (c) Photograph of the prototype IM.

A Cast Copper Rotor Induction Motor for Small Commercial EV Traction: Electromagnetic Design, Analysis, and Experimental Tests

Qian Zhang, Huijuan Liu, Member, IEEE, Zhenyang Zhang and Tengfei Song Abstract According to the demands of the small commercial ...
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Fig. 3 – View of copper rotors for the considered motors


F. Parasiliti (1) - M. Villani (1) - C. Paris (2) - O. Walti (2) - G. Songini (3)- A ...
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Fig.3 Cross-section of rotor for three-phase motor showing copper filling the conductor bar slots

Die-cast copper rotors for improved motor performance

모터 성능 향상을 위한 다이캐스트 구리 로터 Authors J.G. CowieCopper Development Association Inc., New York, NY, USAD.T. BrenderCopper Development Association ...
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Fig2 Rotor core assembly(A) and squirrel cage(B)

Process Control and Thixoforming of Cu Rotor for High Efficiency Motors

고효율 전동기용 Cu Rotor의 반응고 성형과 공정변수 제어 Jung, W. S. ;Lee, S. Y. ;Shin, P. W. 정우성 (창원대학교 재료공학과) ...
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Fig. 1 – Exploded view of typical induction motor. The die cast aluminum end ring with cast fan blades is visible on the rotor. The mulitple conductor bars connecting the end rings are contained within the iron laminations.

Materials & Modifications to Die Cast the Copper Conductors of the Induction Motor Rotor

John G. CowieCopper Development Associations Inc.New York, NYDale T. PetersConsultant to CDA Inc.Hilton Head Island, SCEdwin F. Brush, Jr.Consultant to ...
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