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CASTMAN always considers how we can do better in every way. Innovation is the standard we work with as we develop advanced tools and technologies to advance the industry. This offers several important benefits. Products can be further improved while shortening lead times and reducing costs.We have the technology to develop and deliver higher strength

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Copper Rotor Technology

COPPER ROTOR General cpmpany examples #1 General cpmpany examples #2 General cpmpany examples #3 CASTMAN’s Copper Rotor #1 CASTMAN’s Copper Rotor #2 CASTMAN’s Copper Rotor #3 Comparison of motor characteristic DESCRIPTION ALUMINUM ROTOR MOTOR COPPER ROTOR MOTOR COMPARISON OFSAME POWER(AL->CU) EFFICIENCY (%) Same Efficiency Same Efficiency TORQUE (N·M) 4~5 60% higher than Aluminum CONDUCTIVITY (%IACS)

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Power : 3kW Use : High-speed Spindle Motor Size : Ø38x72mm

Copper Die casting

CASTMAN has been introducing outstanding die-casting products through leading activities in the die-casting industry, and continuously contributing to the manufacturing industry. High pressure die casting is often an excellent process for quickly manufacturing many parts and has a high level of engineering skills. With CASTMAN’s high pressure die casting, you can quickly produce complex shaped

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Super Premium Efficiency (IE4) Achieved!! – Characteristics test of 3-phase induction motor using copper rotors die-cast by Castman– Certification Agency : Gyeongnam Technopark Advantage of using copper die-cast rotors  Downsizing of motors Application of IE3, IE4 rotors in IE2 rotor-based motor frames Low heating due to operation : Reduction of electrical resistance due to relatively

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