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Fig. 4. Pictorial views of simple, circular pin-fin and copper foam-based heat sinks.

Experimental investigation for thermal performance enhancement of various heat sinks using Al2O3 NePCM for cooling of electronic devices

Imran Zahid ab, M. Farhan a, M. Farooq a, M. Asim a, M. Imran c Abstract Electronic devices are being used extensively for different applications, where the thermal management of these devices is still a critical challenge due to rapid miniaturization, high heat flux and constantly rising temperature. Phase change materials (PCMs) based thermal management is adopted, but the low thermal conductivity limits their use in temperature-controlled electronic devices. Nano-enhanced phase change materials

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Fig. 7. Cost and mass scaling for the motor subsystems to estimate motor costs for the AHSS and Al lightweight design.

Improvements in electric vehicle battery technology influence vehicle lightweighting and material substitution decisions

Joshua Thomas JamesonBurda, Elizabeth A.Moorea, HeshamEzzatbRandolphKirchainaRichardRothaa Materials Systems Laboratory, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 77 Massachusetts Ave, E19-695, Cambridge, MA 02139, United Statesb WorldAuto Steel/American Iron and Steel Institute, 2000 Town Center, Suite 320, Southfield, MI 48075, United States Highlights Global demand for and adoption of battery electric vehicles is on the rise. To achieve increased

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