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This offers several important benefits.

Products can be further improved while shortening lead times and reducing costs.
We have the technology to develop and deliver higher strength parts with a fraction of the weight through innovations such as thin wall aluminum die casting.
Ultimately, our research and development will provide high-quality products for your business.

Find out how our innovative technologies can improve your business and contact us for your next project.

 Project List

2021Mass Produce EGR Mixer (Salt Core Technology)Received IR52 Jang Youngsil Award
Relocated and expanded manufacturing plant
2019~2020EGR Mixer using the salt method AlHyundai Motor Company
2016Copper Rotor for Turbo Blower MotorCuKorean Turbo Blower Company
2016Copper Rotor for High-speed Motor – 37kWCuKERI
2016Copper Rotor for EV Motor – 50kWCuKorean Automobile Company
2016Copper Rotor for Industrial Motor – 0.75kW, 1.5kW, 2.2kW, 3.7kW, 5.5kW (6P), 2.2kW (4P)CuEulji Motor
2015Copper Rotor for Air-conditioner Compressor – 0.75kWCuJapan Company
2014Copper Rotor for Industrial Motor – 2.2kW, 15kWCuHyosung
2014Copper Rotor for High-Speed Motor – 30kWCuKERI
2013Spool (Seat Belt)AlAshimori
2013Copper Rotor for High-Speed Motor – 2.5kWCuGEM
2013Copper Rotor for EV Motor – 30kWCuKERI

• Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy
• Small & Medium Business Administration
• Korea Institute of Energy Technology Evaluation and Planning
• Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute
• Korea Institute of Industrial Technology
• Korea Diecast Industry Cooperative


Utility model appliedFlow rate control system for controlling and displaying coolant temperature2014. 07. 07
AppliedMelting furnace and pressure die-casting device2010. 07. 09
RegisteredDie-casting die equipment2013. 03. 05
RegisteredDie equipment2012. 03. 22
RegisteredCasting equipment2012. 01. 26
RegisteredRotors and Method of air layer formation in rotors2011. 09. 07
RegisteredCasting equipment2011. 02. 23