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2021Mass Produce EGR Mixer (Salt Core Technology)Received IR52 Jang Youngsil Award
Relocated and expanded manufacturing plant
2019~2020EGR Mixer using the salt method AlHyundai Motor Company
2016Copper Rotor for Turbo Blower MotorCuKorean Turbo Blower Company
2016Copper Rotor for High-speed Motor – 37kWCuKERI
2016Copper Rotor for EV Motor – 50kWCuKorean Automobile Company
2016Copper Rotor for Industrial Motor – 0.75kW, 1.5kW, 2.2kW, 3.7kW, 5.5kW (6P), 2.2kW (4P)CuEulji Motor
2015Copper Rotor for Air-conditioner Compressor – 0.75kWCuJapan Company
2014Copper Rotor for Industrial Motor – 2.2kW, 15kWCuHyosung
2014Copper Rotor for High-Speed Motor – 30kWCuKERI
2013Spool (Seat Belt)AlAshimori
2013Copper Rotor for High-Speed Motor – 2.5kWCuGEM
2013Copper Rotor for EV Motor – 30kWCuKERI

• Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy
• Small & Medium Business Administration
• Korea Institute of Energy Technology Evaluation and Planning
• Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute
• Korea Institute of Industrial Technology
• Korea Diecast Industry Cooperative


Utility model appliedFlow rate control system for controlling and displaying coolant temperature2014. 07. 07
AppliedMelting furnace and pressure die-casting device2010. 07. 09
RegisteredDie-casting die equipment2013. 03. 05
RegisteredDie equipment2012. 03. 22
RegisteredCasting equipment2012. 01. 26
RegisteredRotors and Method of air layer formation in rotors2011. 09. 07
RegisteredCasting equipment2011. 02. 23