3D characterization of pores expansion behavior in high pressure die castings during heat treatment

Yihu Ma a, Wenbo Yu a, Zihao Yuan b, Chaosheng Ma a, Wantong Chen a, Mengwu Wu c, Shoumei Xiong bShow moreAdd to MendeleyShareCite

https://doi.org/10.1016/j.matchar.2023.112710Get rights and content


  • •The expansion behavior of HPDCed pores was 3D characterized during heat treatment.
  • •The expansion values of the pores in the edage zone and center zones are about 120 times and 1.5 times, respectively.
  • •This expansion difference is resulted from the formation mechanism of different pores during solidification.


The expansion behavior of pores in high pressure die castings (HPDC) was carefully investigated by 3D reconstruction method along the radial direction of tensile bars in this work. The heat treatment designed with the solid solution temperature of 490 °C and solution time 30 min was respectively conducted on as-castings produced without vacuum (WOV) and with vacuum (WV). The results shows that the pores locating in edge zone expanded much more seriously than the ones in center zone. More deeply, the statistics on the singles pores demonstrates that the expansion value for the pores in the edge zone and center zone are about 120 times and 1.5 times. This difference was discussed and explained with Charles' law and the formation mechanism of different pores during solidification.


High pressure die casting

Pores expansion

Heat treatment

3D reconstruction